Space Needle Photos @ Kerry Park in Seattle


I took this picture at Kerry Park in Seattle.  There are a few others on my flickr set Seattle Skyline. Kerry Park is one of my favorite photo spots in Seattle because it has a great view of the Space Needle and the Puget Sound with plenty of room to take pictures. The park is located on West Highland Drive, Seattle, WA between 2nd Ave W and 3rd Ave W. To get there simply go up (North) on Queen Anne Ave N and take a left on Highland Drive which is about half way up the hill. Be prepared with a jacket or other warm garment because the park is fairly exposed and can get quite cold at night. The great view is also great for dates so you had better be prepared to deal with some PDA. Small price to pay for such great shots.

There is usually parking on the street with people coming and going frequently. I’ve been there many times and never had an issue with parking, sometimes you will need to wait a few minutes for someone to leave, however.

In the winter of 2012 some adventurous skiers decided to create a ski jump to drop the Kerry Park ledge. To get speed they got toed by an SUV. I thought it was interesting so i’m sharing the video:

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